Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Backpacking in ANF!!

Last weekend I went backpacking with two of my cousins, Andrew and Kelvin Ranck!
   Thurs. we drove up to Allegheny National Forest in Forest County and headed out into the woods.  We hiked about 5 miles and stopped for the night.  We camped on a huge rock that had two trees and a bunch of other plants growing on it!  For supper we had pizza (made from scratch)!!!  It was delicious!!!!
   The next morning we had pancakes for breakfast, pack up our stuff and headed out.  We hiked about 7 miles through some very beautiful forests!  We did not see a lot of wild life but it was still great being out in God's creation!!  That night we camp in a marsh, on a high spot, with beaver evidence all around us!  The next day we hike about 6 miles and camped beside a neat little mountain stream!  Supper was soup and pan brownies, which had every night for dessert.
    The next day was Sunday so we had extra TAG (time alone with God) time.  It was really great sitting under the trees and beside the little stream, it was so beautiful.  I always feel so much closer to God when I am out in His Creation.  We than packed up took some pics and headed out.  We hiked about a mile before got back on the trail.  Along the trail we saw a bunch of rock cliffs that were 50-60 feet high. The went between two of them that were 20-30 feet high.  Really Cool!!!   Another mile or so brought us out of the woods and we headed home.   Thank God for safety and a great trip!
    Till next time,  cookie