Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Joys of Hunting!!!

I On Dec 6, Josiah, my cousin Andrew headed up to Juniata county to go hunting!!  We stopped in at Mel's for supper and had a great time (even if it was short) with them!!  We continued on up and arrived at bed time!!  
   We got an early start but I didn't have any luck!!!  Here is a picture of what I looked at most of the day!
Yes, snow and bare trees!!!
    I still (like a good hunter) enjoyed my day in the woods!!

Sunday was fun as well as edifying!  It started snowing early in the afternoon!!  Josiah and decided to leave for Washington county around 4:30 thinking that we would then have less problem with the slippery roads!!  That's what happened too!!   We got out to our Uncle Gerald's place around 9!  
   The next morning I shot a nice sized doe at 7:10 in the morning!!  (That's real hunting!!!). 
Josiah's is all the way to the right!!  Mine is the third one in from the left!!

The rest you will just need to wait to hear till we get back!!
Till next time.......cookie