Sunday, September 7, 2014

Class Picture 2nd Semester 2014

Here a picture of all of the 2014 2nd semester students!

From Left to right:
Back: Titus Zook, Peter Burkholder, Austin Lapp, Delmar Penner, Wendall Kennell, Darrell Horst, Loren Yoder, Jared Reiff, Kyle Troyer, Champ, Joshua Slabaugh.
Middle: Janelle Burkholder, Geneva Troyer, Kim Petersheim, Brittany Miller, Deanne Stauffer, Teresa Nisly, Fonda Miller, Rebekah Stoltzfus, Susan Lee, Zach Yoder.

Front: Crystal (Crissy) Beiler, Brittany (Brit) Miller, Corissa (Cori) Beachy, Barbara Lapp, April Bange, Janelle Maust, Ramona Smucker, Lori Hershberger, Mary Yoder (Holding Zoe)

 Zach and Mary are looking at going to Myanmar for long term ministry.  Their church sent them to IGo so that they can go into Myanmar on their ministry trips and do some scouting!!  They will be going there for all three of their trips!