Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thailand Update V

Here are lots of Pictures from our China trip!!
Crissy and Deanne! 
The China team, in the mountains of China!
Left to right: Joshua, Kyle, Ramona, Deanne, Crissy.

Here are some shots of the park!!

Picture 5
These are rice fields in the the front and incredible mountains in the back!

The torrent of water!!!
Pictures 8-10 

Picture 11

Just some pictures from the park!!

Shady Maple should have some of these!! 

Touring the old section of Dali!!

The little Chinese boy at the restaurant at which we eat!

Crissy "Do you want some more tea, Joshua"?
Drying Rice
Picture 21
If the girls ever find out that I posted this on my blog.......I don't know what would happen!!  :).

Picture 22

The "Temple" that we visited!

The place at which we sang!!

Folding papers with the old people!!
I hope this is enough of pictures till I get back!!
Thanks for looking!!