Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thailand Update VIII

I am back again!  Sorry for the long period of time that lapsed since by last update!  I simply didn't have time to post!

   Zoe has picked out several of the girls as favorites and Barbara happens to be one of them!

  One saturday we went to the elephant camp.  I got a hug from on of the elephants!!!  I did give it a hug too!!  It was interesting being there!

The elephants did a show (or a show off) where they did a bunch of different things like kicking a large soccer ball, painting a picture and more!  More on this after I get home!

Here is the team that will be going to India! 
Left to right: Me, Teresa, Austin, Barbara, Delmar, Merle and Judy Flory & Raymond and Naomi Burkholder!

I am leading this trip again so please keep us in your prayers.  It looks like it will be an incredible and fun trip but also a challenge.  We are not sure what all we will be doing but as far as we know it will include teaching children some songs and telling bible stories.  I am sure there will be much more.  The two couples are the MTM team and will be doing a conference in the ten days that we all will be there in the same area!  There will also be revival meetings every evening!  Pray for the MTM team as they will be doing lots of teaching and preaching in that time!  We are going to Nagaland, in northeast India!  They call it the end of the earth!!  I can't wait!
Sorry this post was so short but I am planning to be home in a little over three weeks!

till next time.......cookie