Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thailand Update IX

This was an amazing trip!  It was a challenge and yet a huge blessing!  This was the first trip that I had an objective and native contact!  The contacted did a lot to help with getting us to the right place at the right time, etc.

The Team!!

There were several nights that we had camp fires and fellowship!

In three day's time we had spent time with over 140 children.  The first day was back in Ntu, there were about 40 children there.  We played games, taught them songs and bible stories.  For about 40 min. Delmar and I went aside with the youth that were in the area and shared with them.  there around about 12 of them.
The second day, in Nzao, again there were about 40 children and we did the same thing.  In both of these villages, we were the first white people that they had ever seen!  You can just imagine the commotion that it cause when we first got there!!  Here Delmar and I had about an hour with the youth.......well not just the youth.  The two pastors were at the MTM conference, but the rest of the church leadership showed up as well as the youth!  That was a little bit of a surprise for us but it well in spite of that! 
The third day we did the same thing in the afternoon with about 60 children.  This was in Tening Town where we were staying and where the MTM conference was being held.  This was probably the best day we had yet.  The sharing time with the youth went better then ever before.  Some of that I am thinking was because of not needing a translator.  These were mostly youth leaders and all knew English fairly well!  One question that was asked was this!!  "How do you keep young people on fire for God".  I will be looking for answers when I get home!!

Tening Town

Raymond, teaching the leaders

This group of children sang a song for us!  We didn't know them and were just walking down the street.  Wicham told them to sing a song for us!  They did it in English!

Sharing time with the youth around the fire!

The foothills of the Himalayas!  

Barbara, doing what she does best!

The church in New Jalukie, close to where the youth conference was.   We stayed in the building to the right for the night!

Inside the church!
Late night team meeting!

Delmar with Abraham!!
Home Sweet Home!!
This trip was amazing!  We did have some challenges but learned a lot through it!  The team I led was great!  They were very supportive and gave council and suggestions for larger decisions!  MTM team was also very supportive in encouragement and getting together for prayer in the mornings!  We did have a lot of fun!

....till next time.....cookie!